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Serve Me
Please Me

"Yes Miss Celia"

This is all I want to hear from you, hand over all your money and say

"Thank you, Miss Celia!"


Repeat after me:

"Miss Celia Deserves EVERYTHING"

"I want to be a GOOD BOY for Miss Celia"

"My dick and wallet belong to Miss Celia"

"I need to be used by Miss Celia"




Miss Celia: Greedy Brat, Goddess, Princess, Humiliatrix.
Who I Am: A bratty Goddess who loves to manipulate betas with their own humiliating fetishes. My Latina curves, my soft tan skin and amazing ass will easily get you hooked. I've spent years growing and training my Celia slaves, turning ever man into my personal wallet and play thing. You will always obey, always splurge and relapse for me. Once you feel my power, you will never be able to get me out of your head. Of course, my personal attention is expensive.


My Fetishes include: Financial Domination, Shiny Fetish, Cuckolding, Chastity, Bikini Fetish, Loser Training, Gooning, Edging, Tease and Denial, CBT, Homewrecking, Body Worship, Humiliation, SPH, Shopping Slave and many more.


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